KIDCIA Quadcopter

Best Beginners QUADCOPTER, COMPACT & Cheap

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KIDCIA Quadcopter has gained immense popularity owing to its small size and makes it extremely convenient for the user. It is an excellent choice as an entry-level drone that holds up to your expectation rightly. The quadcopter has an average camera quality that gives brilliant aerial shots. With good flight time and distance, it is an incredible drone for beginners.
RC Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video – 2 Batteries – Flexible Foldable Aerofoils – App WiFi Phone Control – Altitude Hold 3D Flips & Rolls- 6-Axis Gyro Gravity Sensor RTF Helicopter, Black

Important Features:

☑ take a 10-minute break to cool down between 2 flights;

☑ use the stop button immediately when the quadcopter is entangled by hair or other filament, or tends to clash,or out of your control.

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KIDCIA Quadcopter


Fpv camera & live video: first-person view real-time video camera (0. 3mp) of the drone is able to take aerial videos and photos in camera’s horizontally forward direction with smartphone device (both ios and android system). Images and videos will be listed in both the app and mobile album system. Scan the QR code or search vs_ufo in google play or the app store to download the app.

Foldable & flexible aerofoil: foldable & flexible aerofoils and blades not only make the palm-sized drone compact, small and portable but also prevent users from being cut and provide better and safer using experience.

No faa registration: this quadcopter doesn’t require a faa registration – an excellent drone for beginners and hobby users.

Drone’s remote control height:20-30 meters;remote control distance:50-80 meters;video transmission range:about 20-30 meters. Flying time of the drone:7-10 minutes for sustained flight times; charging time:40-50 minutes

It is supported by a 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po battery and requires a charging time of around 120 minutes. It has a flying time of 8 – 10 minutes to take beautiful aerial photography.
It is highly stable which is ideal for beginners and the system is based on a 6-axis gyro. It is easy to use and control with one key enabled 360° with a 4-way flip. It is equipped with windproof and hence helps in better navigation. It does not require FAA registration. It is a foldable and flexible type of aerofoil which is small, portable. The palm-sized pocket drone can be connected to mobile via Bluetooth and can be operated via mobile phone.

Let us see what is included in the package?

The best part is you don’t need to do anything or spend a lot of time assembling the drone. It is a small, portable drone that can be operated by directly connecting it with mobile via Bluetooth.

Here are the steps you need to follow:-

It does not need any sort of FAA registration which means it is ready to be used out-of-the-box and can be instantly used.
Insert the battery to the drone. You don’t have to worry about connecting the camera as it is already pre-installed.
Establish a connection of the quadcopter with your phone via Bluetooth and you are good to go. Direct the movement of the quadcopter by operating it with the phone.
Note: Make sure that you give a break of at least 10 minutes between two flights or else it loses its efficiency of performance.
Reading the user manual is very important and helps a lot in assembling the components of the drone
3- Design and Technology

The design is the most attractive part of the quadcopter as it is a palm-sized pocket drone which is extremely small and portable. The aerofoils can be folded that adds more to the advantage. The flexible aerofoils give an overall safer experience and prevent users from being cut. It is perfect for those who want to pursue aerial photography as a hobby. It is equipped with LED navigation lights that help during a night shoot. It includes cushions at the aircraft bottom which prevents the drone from scrapping post landing.

It is equipped with 2.4G technology that enables playing of several modes at a time without bringing interferences. The 6-axis gyro ensures better stability along with ease of 360° flips. It includes a powerful air pressure altitude hold feature which allows the drone to hover at current height and ensures ease of shooting high-quality videos and pictures. The technology is designed for beginners.

4- Camera and Mode

The quadcopter comes with a headless mode which keeps the forward and nose direction separate. It helps in the proper orientation of the drone. The One Key return home features ensure that the drone never goes out of sight and brings back the drone with just one click. It is also equipped with a gravity sensor mode along with a track-controlled mode. With the help of gravity sensor mode, it enables users to control the flight by moving the smartphone. The track-controlled mode enables the user to draw the flight track on phone and accordingly fly the drone. It has an inbuilt camera of 0.5 MP which helps in taking beautiful aerial shots. The first person views Real-Time Video Camera enables the user to take beautiful aerial videos and photos via smartphone. Whenever needed, you can always reverse the camera. It supports the creation of 3D videos. With a three-speed adjustment mode, it is easy to control the drone.

5- Connectivity and Battery

It supports FPV of up to 30 meters which enables you to simply connect the smartphone via a Bluetooth app. It can be connected with a smartphone in one step and hence you can control the movement of the drone from App in a smartphone. It has multiple functions that can be activated. The images and videos can be both listed in both App and mobile album system. The APP includes an emergency stop button that helps with an emergency landing.
It is an excellent drone for beginners and gives a flying time of around 7 – 10 minutes. It can fly up to a range of 20 – 30 meters. It utilizes a battery of 7.4V 850mAh made from Li-Po that can be fully charged at about 120 minutes. The APP for the drone is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The gravity sensor enables better stability of movement and helps in moving the drone left, right, forward, and backward effortlessly. During unstable connection, keep the product safe by sliding the accelerator up and down.

Pros and cons

It is foldable, compact, and excellent for beginners.
It includes one key return to safety track the quadcopter.
No FAA registration required.
Easy connectivity and can be operated with Bluetooth on phone.
Gives high-quality aerial photos and videos
Easy product configuration with an inbuilt camera.
Excellent for kids even and hobbyists.


The movement and motion of the drone might be too fast for beginners.
Installation of the app might be slightly complicated.

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