How To Earn 1000$ Per Month With Fiverr?

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Making money online is easier now days. Anyone could start earning online from its home having an internet connection and a PC.

There are lot of ways to start earning money through internet, among them some most popular methods are earning money through websites, YouTube, Facebook, android/IOS apps and freelancing.

What is freelancing?

We are going to discuss about freelancing.  Freelancing is simply a method in which someone is offering his/her services on different costs through freelancing platforms, like Fiverr, Odesk, freelancer and people per hour etc.

I am sure you guys heard about fiverr its most easy platform to start freelancing.

To start with fiverr you simply signup and verify your account via email, Then you make your 1st gig on fiverr initially you are allowed to make 7 different gigs along 3 packages on your new account.

Always remember make your gigs related to work you Know better. In fiverr there are vast categories of work. Select the category you know better and make your gigs related to that.

Basically fiverr is more suitable both for buyer and seller, pricing start from 5$ for basic gig.

After publishing your Gigs with 3 packages you have to promote your gigs via social media, in facebook groups, on twitter, on pinterest, on linkedin and via Instagram.

You need good reviews on fiverr account to gain trust of buyers, Once you get few positive reviews and recommendations then you are ready to make 1000$ per month from fiverr.

How to make 1000$ per month from fiverr?

Well making good income either from online or offline is not so easy. You need consistency and hard work.

But don’t worry on fiverr you need little patience and consistency to get your initial few orders and positive feedback. When you have few positive feedbacks you’re ready to make 1000$ per month from the ease of your home.

Let’s imagine you make 7 gigs with 3 different packages. You got 1 one basic order on each gig daily.

7(orders) x 4$ = 28$ per day (basic order cost 5$ to buyer but seller get 4$, 1$ is dedicated by fiverr)

Somehow you maintain 1 order per day for your 7 gigs then you make 840$ per month.

 28$ x 30 days = 840$ per month

It’s not necessary you got only basic order of 5$ each day. When you satisfy your buyers they willing give you more orders with higher price. I hope you got my point it’s not too difficult to make 1000$ per month from fiverr.

Let’s talk More About fiverr…

When you start your seller account on fiverr you are new seller and you don’t have any level.

To gain level 1 you need to make 400$ dollars in all time sale, 4.0+ rating, low refunds and no violation in 60 days

 Benefits of level 1

  • 15 gigs are allowed
  • 4 Extras
  • 10 gig multiples
  • custom offers is allowed up to 1500$
  • And more.

Well, if you complete 50 0rders in 2 two months and maintain 4.5+ ratings with low refund, you gain level 2.

Benefits of Level 2

  • 20 gigs are allowed
  • 5 Extras
  • 15 gig multiples
  • Custom offers
  • And more…

Last level is top level seller which is given by manual selection process of fiverr editorial team, based on several criteria.

Tips to Start making money with fiverr.

  • Setup your account with correct information
  • Put your smiling face and original name
  • Select category which you know better
  • Offer gig you’re comfortable with
  • High light your skills
  • Be smart with your gig description
  • Always deliver on time
  • Offer free extra work to buyers
  • Stay online as much as you can

I hope this information is helpful for you. Let’s start making money online with fiverr today 


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