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Different ways of making money online from home

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Making money is always associated with offline ways in the physical world. With the advancement in the internet, new opportunities arise and people are looking for new ways to earn money via the internet to increase their financial state.

However, you have to be careful while selecting a way/method or platform for you to earn online. There are various types of platforms and methods by which everyone could earn money according to their skills.

Before moving ahead I want to clear you don’t expect to make huge money in a night. You have to plan proper and work hard then you can surely make a huge money.

Below is list of few online platforms, sites and ways that help you to earn money online from your home.

Start your own website

The best and long run work is make your own website and make money. Probably one of you say how? well if you could search on google you can find enough material for website creation, like free themes, Domain names and hosting etc.  

First you have to select platform like wordpress, blogger, wix and many more out there. After choosing your platform setup your domain.

Create your own contents and present them to your visitors in beautiful way.

Once all set than you can use Adsense or Media net for earning throught your website.

Also there are lot of ways you can make money from your sites. Your income depend on quality and quantity of traffic on your site.


One of the most popular way of making money online in present days. But in my opinion freelancing is not for all those who wants to make money from internet, Because in freelancing your income is directly depend on your skills.

Some of my favorit Freelancing platforms are:-



Amazon turk



People per Hour

even you can use facebook groups for freelancing work.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is highest income generating amoung all the internet works. But first you need a complete site and targeted traffic for leads generation.

When you have targeted traffic and website than you can apply for affiliate programme in different companies like Amazon affiliate, Click bank, Ebay and more.

affiliate marketing prosime you a huge return. Don’t hesitate try this method even  you are newbie.

Surveys and searches and reviews

this is very easy way you can just signup like google or facebook then they give you some questions and ask for your opinion. But the amount of money you can earn is very little. Do more surveys, reviews and also invite your friends than you can get little bit higher amount.

Publish your Apps

This one of the most popular way of earning in these days. As we all have smart phones and we all need some apps for daily use, for fun, for educational purpose etc.

You can build your apps/games and publish them on apps stores

Apple app store

Play store

Amazon app store

While coding your app you can apply admob ads, unity ads, chartboost ads or facebook ads to generate income from your apps.

If you don’t know coding you can hire developer for your work on fiverr, upwork and generate passive income by publishing then on apps stores

Online tutoring.

Due to globelization you can do this work from home. teac your favorite subject or skills to anyone in world via internet. People are adopting online studing more and more.

youtube channel.

if you love to create any kind of videos you can monitize your efforts by uploading them on youtube.

More people likes to watch videos than reading information. Make video about any topic or about your hobbies, like gardening, swiming, fishing,traveling, cooking, etc.

when you got 1000 subscribers and 4000hours watch time you are able to monitize your videos. this criteria is made for keeping quality of content and user engagement.

CryptoCurrency. Mining

Crypto is hot topic now a days you can earn good fortune by investing in low priced coins for longterm. There are many ways you can earn money from crypto now a days. But I’m going to show you some of them

1st way:- you can earn money by mining your favorite coin on your own machine.if you don’t have much investment to buy your own mining rig you could go for cloud mining. Colud mining is the way you can earn crypto cash by investing your hard earn with mining companies that have lot of mining machines. There are many trusted cloud mining companies outhere.

But be careful before investing your savings. I bring some trusted and legal cloud mining companies for you (Nhash, Genesis mining, nexus global). I tried all of them and they pay you as they mention in packages. Also, you can earn a sign-up bonus in Nhash and start free mining using that bonus. So try Nhash for free, then go with investment if you like.

Other Mining Options

1- Mining with your PC/cpu

Try these following sites to mine crypto currency with your home pc. Output totally depands on your system hardwares

2- Collecting Fuacet of Different Crypto Currencies

For this purpose, you need to signup for a faucet wallet in which you get your deposit from Faucet Sites. Here I recommend you a Faucet-pay For a collection of coins faucets. After signing Up for faucet pay you need to Sign -up in different faucet giving sites. Usually, these faucet-giving sites are different for each coin. But here I show you the best sites that not only give you instant pay in Faucet-Pay but also give multiple Coins faucet at the same time. For live proof and practical guide watch this video here or on Jamali online on Youtube.

Below are best faucet paying site 100% real watch it in video and then try them.

In the last whatever method you select for earning money from home you need to plan and consistency to get success in that way. I hope this will give you an overview of online earn ways and platforms.

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